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Doctoral research projects are tough assignments that tend to overwhelm the researchers who undertake them. But such projects also bring name, fame and accolades to the scholars who complete them successfully. We established this unique platform of PhD Assistant with the grounding objective to help doctoral candidates in such arduous ventures. The melange of services offered by our company encompasses every aspect of research work. And academicians from prestigious universities have been hired to assist and advice students for these services.

With a vast array of services, proficiency in many languages, and expertise in an assortment of disciplines, our PhD Assistants aim to improve the quality of academic work all over the globe.

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Desk Research

Research support service for the preliminary stage of preparing a dissertation that begins with a search about the topic, relevant literature, and bibliography.

Data Management

Assistance with drafting questionnaires, collecting and collating data, cleaning and binding all the relevant information from the vast amount of data gathered.


Shaping of the final draft of your dissertation content with compliance of formatting guidelines, removal of grammatical errors and plagiarism, and sequencing to a suitable layout.


Journal Publication Assistance whereby we help authors in selecting the most appropriate and high impact factor journal for publication of their manuscript.

Recent Testimonials

  • Thank you so much. The formatting you did to my manuscript worked wonders. I'm definitely looking forward to more offerings from PhD Assistant.

    Steven Smith

  • I feel privileged to have been associated with a knowledgeable and proficient professional. Her detailed analysis, timely assistance, and interactive support were beyond anything.