Data Cleaning

The presence of inconsistency in the collected data has made way for Data Cleaning, which is a procedure to search, detect, and remove all the possible errors from a large set of data. This facility enables research candidates and authors to get their data cleansed of all corrupt and inaccurate records so that the process of analysis can begin in earnest and on the right note. Our analysts, at PhD Assistant, handle these operations as they have worked in both academia and industry, and hence know the use of latest applications for this process.

For a researcher, data analysis is often a crucial step that will drive the findings and significance of the study. And, for data analysis to be fruitful there is a need for quality data, free from errors and inaccuracies.

Data Cleaning service at PhD Assistant

Our Data Cleaning support service makes use of various data cleaning methods that can be applied to both quantitative and qualitative data. The important areas of concern that we focus on during the process of data cleaning are as follows:

  • The quality and characteristics of the collected data
  • Relevance of data towards the study
  • Data compliance with the constraints and rules of the research process
  • Removal of irrelevant data from the data warehouse

Along with the above points, our expert professionals also abide by the necessary codes and standards which describe that the data conforms to the objectives of the subject under study. We also provide proper formatting of the final data such that it is ready for further investigation.


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