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Questionnaires are developed in many studies especially in the social sciences to ask people their opinions and views regarding a research project. Building a questionnaire is tricky. To conduct an effective survey interview, questions to be incorporated must be directly targeted towards the sample population. They need to be arranged in a logical order so that they make sense to both the interviewer and interviewee.

The 3 key issues while setting up of a questionnaire are:

  • The type of questions
  • Length of each question and
  • The sequence of questions

If the questionnaire is going to be distributed over the internet or through mail then they need to be self-explanatory. It also needs to be interesting enough for people to respond quickly and correctly.

Our Questionnaire Set Up service helps researchers build inquiry forms for their research.

The PhD holders, associated with us, understand the study objectives and problems and construct an easy to understand and clearly stated questionnaire, avoiding the use of unambiguous or descriptive questions. We also provide sample templates for varying types of research study to aid survey process. Our statisticians also devise the best ways to distribute the forms among the target group so as to obtain the most comprehensive results. Hiring our service will surely serve the purpose while saving a lot of time.


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