Response Letters

The publication of an article is a complex process involving various stages. One such stage prompts the writer to prepare a response letter. The peer reviewers at Journal publishing houses often give their suggestions and comments regarding the necessary changes in the work. Scholars are required to write a response letter while sending their improved file with changes incorporated.

The important feature of the response paper is that it is essentially an opinion piece. The author gives his views on the content, and an analysis of what suggestions were incorporated with reasons for holding the opinion they do. The 3 key rules for drafting a response letter are:

  • Respond to all Comments
  • Polite Reply
  • Provide Evidence to back your suggestion

We offer Response letter service to assist novice writers in dealing with the comments of the peer reviewers in a way to maximize their chances of acceptance. We ensure to write a persuasive content giving proper facts, figures and examples. The writing is also done in a certain format which conforms to the guidelines established by the academic board. We also follow the structure with chapters set aside for summary, opinions, reasons and a conclusion. Authors would do well to take advice from our experienced panel of writing experts.


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